carolbuckles (carolbuckles) wrote,

A Parable of Turtles


 A Parable of Turtles


Turtles are born within the grave,

So, although they have no soul to save,

They remind us of Jesus Christ when they

Resurrect themselves from tomb into the day.


They can scarcely know their fate

When male and female find their mate.

Then she, with instinct old as time,

Up the bank to drier hillside climbs.


Digging in the earth in secret night,

She buries her clutch, hidden from the light.

But still, the sun warms the eggs with love,

Sent from God who watches from above.


Midsummer night they hatch, and flee

Down the hill, to creek, and then to see

What wonders God has offered to their kind.

Turtles thus bring Jesus to my mind.




3. Tinker on Lucas Creek

cJuly 2009
cCarol Kerr Buckles

Tags: ping pong poems, tinker on lucas creek

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