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Correct response to waiter or nurse who, delivering a meal or pill, says “Here we go,” is “Thank we.” [swk & ckb—it took two to tango.]

Singulars and Plurals
Enginoor—engineer [ckb]
Door—deer [ckb]
Trooper—treeper [ckb]

{Nit (immature stage)—louse—lice [ckb]
Hit (immature stage)--house—hice [ckb]
Spit (immature stage)--spouse—spice [ckb]
It (immature stage) --ouse---ice [ckb]}

Boo—bee [ckb]
Moose—meese [ckb]
Fool—feel [ckb]
Sloop—sleep [ckb]
Tree- troo [ckb]
Shoop- sheep [ckb]
Boor- beer [ckb]
Hoot- heet [ckb]
Boot- beet [ckb]
Waffle- wiffle [sck]
Knave- knife [sawk]

Noun-Verb Pairs
Suitors- sought
Buitors- bought
Fuitors- fought

Verb- adjective pairs
Melt- molten
Svelt- svolten
Felt- folten
Bought- boughten [ckb actually used this as a child; common usage in VA in the 1950s] as in “store-boughten”

Verb Tenses
{Preach- praught (like Teach- taught) [sak]
Reach- raught [ckb]}

Pet- pat- put [ckb]
Ride- rode- rude [ckb]

{Et snew lest Tyrsdeag marning=It snowed last Tuesday morning.
know : knew :: snow : snew [jpk]}

Be- baw- been (as in see-saw-seen) [sawk]
Sow- sent- sawn (as in go-went-gone) [sawk]
Wiggle- waggle- wuggle [ckb]
Giggle- gaggle- guggle [ckb]
Jiggle- jaggle- juggle [ckb]
Jig- jag-jug [ckb]
Fig- fag- fug [ckb]
Crockett- cricket- crewcut [ckb]
{Slink- slank- slunk
Skink- skank- skunk [ckb]}
{Slay- slew- slain
Stay- stew- stain [ckb]}

{Beck (to be available to come at someone’s call)- beckon
Reck (to be available to think)- reckon [ckb]}

Beet-bet [sawk + ckb Sept-10]

Engineye—an engineer who learns visually rather than aurally [mak]

Old adage—the way addition was done before the New Math. Compare to “old subtractage” [ckb]

Autist - one with autism [shb]

Shortation - a word that's the shorter form of a longer word [shb]

Prenuncificationation- proper spelling/ alternative spelling [jpk]

Nepots- relatives (as in nepotism] [sak]

BAPs = big ass projects [Margo Sinks]
PIGS = projects in grocery sacks [Margo Sinks]

Peccable- sloppy, disheveled. [jpk] Compare with [gsc]]
Couth- cultured and refined.[jpk] Compare to

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