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forsythias bloom early, along with daffodils
iris, mid-month, as the cordgrass begins to green
azaleas and dogwood follow the camellia
mid-month maples loose their helicopters
and hummingbirds return
a freeze is most likely before the 15th
and wait to plant tomatoes til then
cats shed and ticks are hungry
but it is usually too cool for mosquitoes
blackberries bud
Irene, Andrew and Ivan are a year older
catfish are ready to be caught
birds are loud and active courting and nesting
ospreys return
the pines release gallons of pollen
cars and shoes and cats are coated
buttercups flourish and hydrangeas bud
“then longen folk to go on pilgrimage”
April showers might be storms with thunder and tornados
by the Ides tender bright leaves appear