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New Newport News News: At Sea edition

            Formerly “At Sea” days have bored me to tears.  This trip, I was tired enough to enjoy it.

          We spent all morning in the Solarium, which on RCI Mariner is adults only / no smoking.  A paradise.  I alternated hot tub, reading, embroidery—repeat—and Ron snoozed with his iPod.  Ron got a monster at The Dog House, but I wasn’t hungry.  Later we went to see “Captain America” which is a clever comic book movie, quite charming in a “Spiderman” sort of way.  Returning to the cabin, Ron fell asleep and I boldly took a nude sunbath on our balcony. 

It was formal night, so we dressed up, had a lovely dinner, and our photo done [turned out awful].  The couple [in front of us] was very handsome and we told them so.  I told the wife that her husband had a wonderful smile, though he was very stern at first.  They were Scottish, and he burred, “I hate cameras.”  [think Sean Connery speaking].

            The wife said, “He hates to smile!”  He then smiled, and I melted into a puddle at his feet.  How awkward.

            Sitting on our balcony, as the sun set, the sea was very calm—the “wine dark sea” Homer called it.  We ordered tea.

            We turned on the TV and found an English version of “Angels and Demons” [the sequel to “da Vinci Code”].  It is equally anti-Catholic, anti-Christian and historical twaddle, but we enjoyed watching the scenes of Rome, where we had just been.  They even went to Santa Maria de Popolo.  Strangely, every other time we turned on the TV, day or night, they were playing either “Forrest Gump” or “Twilight” or RCI infomercials, with dramatic plots and teen angst.  Why not lectures on the history, food and art of the ports-of-call?  Or Robert E. Lee speaking Italian?  Or Samurai movies?

            All this is why I have come to love cruising.  You unpack once; you get nice meals in a restaurant setting with reasonable portions [we try to avoid the buffet]; you get to watch the ocean; your travel is usually at night, so you waste no time getting to your destination.  You meet nice people whom you never have to see again.  Of course, you learn lots of stuff and spend lots of money.

            And, if you’re lucky, God gives you a bonus.  This time, we saw Adriatic dolphins and yellow tail tuna, in both cases when we crossed their path.

N4 46 Med cruise 5: At Sea edition for photos for my blog

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