February 26th, 2015

The Merfairies of Lucas Creek

What about fairies in wintertime?

We haven’t had much snow since we built the $9000 fairy garden.  [Most of the expense was drainage and planting beds.  But the fairies know why the beds were built and wasted no time moving in.]  This year, however, we have had 2 humdinger snowfalls, and the fairy’s doors are blocked with snow.  Even the very tall fairy door is blocked.  You can just see the top of the door and their garden chair.  The greenhouse is eaves-deep.  And it is still snowing!

snow 3

The little fairies don’t have a chance.  The one town home that has upper windows at least allows air circulation.  You can see their colorful cabin, where they like to lounge in summer, is nearly buried.  [note the upper storey windows behind and to the right of the cabin].  The round planters, where they have planted gardens and placed chairs into for tea parties and picnics, are piled high with snow.

snow 1

This close-up shows that there are no fairy footprints, or shoveled sidewalks.  No squirrels have come to dig them out.

snow 2

My conclusion—they are NOT HOME!!!  Where do fairies go in this kind of weather?  How do they know to get out in time?  Do they tunnel to, say, Florida?  Or must I wait til snowmelt and search for little corpses?  Please advise!!