November 22nd, 2016

Your Greek History test for today

Instructor: Carol Buckles
Class: Greek History 101
Results: A++
Read each question carefully, then choose the correct answer.

1) When did the Polioni arrive on Lemnos?

  • a. Ca 5600 BC

  • b. Polioni schmolioni

  • c. Who cares?

2) When was the period of the Cycladic Art style?

  • a. Ca 4400 BC

  • b. I prefer to re-Cyclad and reuse.

  • c. Who cares?

3) When was the Minoan civilization forming?

  • a. Ca 2400 BC

  • b. He turned his daughter to gold.

  • c. Who cares?

4) When did the Mycenean era begin?

  • a. 2000 BC

  • b. In the Iliad

  • c. Who cares?

5) When did the first Greeks arrive in Greece?

  • a. Ca 2000 BC

  • b. It’s all Greek to me.

  • c. Who cares?

6) When was the Trojan War?

  • a. Ca 1200 BC

  • b. The Trojans are the USC team

  • c. Who cares?

7) When was the Geometric Era?

  • a. Ca 800 BC

  • b. I prefer algebra.

  • c. Who cares?

8) When was the Archaic Period?  Remember that this was when the Greek Dark Ages ended and writing returned to Greece.

  • a. Ca 650 BC

  • b. When the Phonecian alphabet showed up.

  • c. Who cares?

9) When was the era of the Persian Wars?

  • a. Ca 400s BC

  • b. Iran [Persia] has always been at war

  • c. Who cares?

10) When did Alexander the Great "Hellenize" [make Greek] the known world?

  • a. Ca 200s BC

  • b. When he wrote Alexander’s Ragtime Band

  • c. Who cares?

11) When was the Roman Empire launched?

  • a. 31 BC

  • b. When Octavion Caesar won the Battle of Actium

  • c. Who cares?

12) When was the Byzantine Era?

  • a. 330 AD

  • b. When Byzantium became Constantinople

  • c. Who cares?

13) When did  Constantinople fall?

  • a. 1453 AD

  • b. When the Turks sacked the city.

  • c. Who cares?

14) When the Greek War of Independence take place?

  • a. 1821 AD

  • b. In the Peloponnese

  • c. Who cares?

15) When did the Dodecanese join the modern state of Greece?

  • a. 1947 AD

  • b. The dodo is extinct

  • c. Who cares?

16) When did the Greek Civil War end?

  • a. 1949 AD

  • b. When the Communists were defeated.

  • c. Who cares?

17) Who said, “Greeks don’t fight like heroes, heroes fight like Greeks” ?

  • a. Winston Churchill

  • b. Luke Skywalker

  • c. Who cares?