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New Newport News News: Baltic Cruise: At Sea edition

            I have never been so tired in my life, the whole cruise.  It was an effort to get going to go see the most exciting things—and I am grateful to have had the impetus to keep going.
            So my sea days began to follow a pattern—lying about playing computer games with the balcony door propped open, writing the journal and not thinking.  I used to hate sea days, finding them boring.  But now I like the downtime, since I know to bring books etc.  Although this trip I did computer brain games and never touched my craft.
The first morning I awoke to diffused, soft glow of fog, which explained the fog horn blasting all night.
            We went to the dining room “Truffles” for a lavish breakfast, then got cokes and poked around the ship.  The Legend is the most overly decorated ship I have yet seen.  The theme is a good one, but too many legends from too many countries and too much too much.  It probably looks good through a drunken haze, but I never got that drunk.  The Medusa Lounge featured huge 3-D horror faces on the walls and that was the disco.
            Ron’s sea days involved going to the art auctions and drinking free champagne.  Very sophisticated.
            We usually went to the Trough* for lunch.  Sometimes after a nap in the morning and often followed by a nap in the afternoon.  Always with the balcony door propped open and the susurrus sound of the sea surrounding us.
            We went to several concerts of the big band, but could never stay up long enough for the stage shows.  They are really good shows, but very LOUD and over-miked.  Ron went to gamble but they had him cleaned out in 20 minutes—not good fun at all.
            On the coldest sea day I managed to get to the hot tub and spread out for a good 1/2 hour before other polar bears came along.  Another time, I sunbathed on the balcony.  Ron got used to me not really wanting to go anywhere on the ship—until our last sea day!  But that’s later in the blog….

*The Trough is the buffet on any ship where they offer food at all hours of the day and night.
** Cousin Vinny is any relative who has a sideline, often involving kickbacks.  Some Cousin Vinnys will drive you to the airport etc.  Upscale Cousin Vinnys have specialty shops that the tour busses call into.  These Cousin Vinny stores have bathrooms and sometimes free samples.
***CTC is cheap tourist crap.  Such stores are sometimes Cousin Vinny stores.

N4 61 Baltic Cruise At Sea edition for photos for my blog

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