carolbuckles (carolbuckles) wrote,

February [in Virginia]

Ice crystal driveway 2 10
An exhausting, exhilarating month.
Winter attacks and withdraws;
Spring arrives and departs, in
A dance of perplexing pattern.
Buds on trees freeze and thaw.
Mosquitoes hatch and die in ice.
Songbirds return and search in snow for food.
Tiny wrens, chickadees and finches
Seem too frail to be out of cages.
Where do they shelter from the blasting winds?
Painful February, life wresting itself from frozen death with
Labor pains.  Yet
So much death; only the strong and the stubborn survive February.
Is it any wonder that men have made it the shortest month?
Tags: ping pong poems, seasons, tinker on lucas creek

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