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More history of the Fairies of Lucas Creek

I am sure that you all remember every detail of “The History of the Mer-Fairy of Lucas Creek”.  [Since you have answered “no,” refer to the entitled document above.]

This is the story of their first, second and fifth cousins, the regular white-bread 2 legged fairies.  Last summer, we had a stepped retaining wall installed next to our driveway.  This is designed with 6x6 beams.  The idea was to keep the hill next to the driveway from driving into the garage.  Little did we know that this would lead to a large influx of fairies moving in.

Heretofore, a few fairies had a home under the large oak in our front yard.  They had a rustic doorway, a pergola with ivy growing on it and they had gathered a few white stones to line their entryway.  The door had a lovely fungus hanging over to keep out the weather.

However, once the $9000 retaining wall / drainage system was completed, the fairies got all the local squirrels to move them, along with 500 or so of their friends.  At last count, there were 4 new doors installed and many garden plots laid out.  One of the doors is 8” tall!  Some big-ass boned fair folk live there!

Mar door 3           Mar door 2

As Fall progressed, we had the front yard cleaned up, tilled and seeded.  One gentleman was blowing the leaves out of the now-called $9000 Fairy Village, without realizing what all the doors and garden gee-gaws were.  Needless to say, he blew all the fairies into next week.  While they were having their broken wings tended to, they called in the squirrels to till the soil.  Unfortunately, squirrels are dumber than dirt and planted acorns while they were about it.  This spring, I shall be pulling up incipient oak trees and weeds.  Then, with any luck, the fair folk might plant something lovely in their gardens.  Last time, they planted purple and white violets, which grow wild around here, as well as some ivy from their former home under the oak.  Sadly, most fairies don’t know the difference between flowers and weeds, so I pull out a lot of chickweed.

Mar damage         Mar door 1
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