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As the church library director, I have come across countless books answering the question, “Where is God when it hurts?” [ref Philip Yancey]

But I had come recently to ask the question stated in the title.  I was actually joking, but then, the morning I spilled an entire container of push tacks on the floor of my church office, I realized it was a good question.

I have always been a self-flagellating kind of person.  Every stupid thing I have ever done comes to haunt me as I try to fall asleep, and many other times as well.  I take my flaws way too seriously and it gets in the way of my life.  And seriously in my way of living like Jesus.

The morning I dropped the tacks, I didn’t curse, I didn’t get all upset, I didn’t beat myself up, I simply began to pick up tacks.  I realized that my inner calm was a gift from God; He put the stupid thing in perspective.  I remembered Paul telling the church that everything you do, no matter how humble, do for God.  [Col 3:23]  And so I did.