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Going Home

I have recently had an adventure involving my computer and several of my mother’s treasured toys.

My mother was nigh on to a hoarder, with pretty good reason.  Her family moved so often in her young life and she never knew for sure which of her treasures would get left behind, “lost” [sold?] or  simply disappear.  In fact, her worries when {I thought} she was dying was, “What about my things?”  Ref. also “The Quiet Man” with John Wayne.

Her most treasured things were her toys.  She had a Skippy doll, originally made by Effenbee Co., in his original clothing; a doll she named Kathleen, with no identifying marks; and a funny little dog, with jointed arms and legs, dressed in overalls, whose name I can’t remember.  His nose was painted bright red by a nurse at Miss Shirley’s final assisted living home, only days before {she really did} die.  I am sorry to say that the nurse begged me for the dog-boy to remember Miss Shirley by and I just couldn’t decide.

Skippy [Effanbee]                                        Kathleen                                                   Dog-boy

I researched the possible value of these items online, only finding the Effanbee Co., with price lists and information about collecting.  I didn’t want to sell the toys; but I didn’t want to keep them either, as I have plenty of my mother’s things for sentiment.  I fired off a letter to Effenbee.  It came back.  My next thought was to see if FIDM Museum in LA wanted Skippy.

But, more research showed me that Effenbee had been bought out by Tonner Toy Co. and there was a link “contact us.”

I got in touch with a very lovely soul named Michelle, who co-owns the company.  She was very excited to learn about Skippy; afraid that my siblings would be furious if I gave away; that I would regret giving, rather than selling him.  Very thoughtful and gracious concerns, but I was convinced that my mother would love the idea of Skippy “going home.”  Then after Skippy left, wrapped to the nines in bubbles, Kathleen and the dog-boy insisted that they wanted to go along too, to be with Skippy. Michelle kindly agreed.  More bubbles, one more journey to a new home.

Come to find out Michelle’s mother loved dogs, so dog-boy became a symbol of Michelle’s mother.  Kathleen, with her badly cracked face wears a mob-cap, donated by my American Girl Doll Felicity, and, ironically, I now live near Williamsburg.  And Skippy now supervises things at the Tonner office.  Full circle, indeed.

Come visit, Michelle!
Tags: memory lane, toys

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