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Psalms Small Group study

First, listen to  While listening, really listen.

Humanly speaking,the Psalms are a collection of prayers, worship and praise, but only in 4th century Christian times was the canon set to 150.
The Psalms are in the center of the Bible and follow Job. You could argue that God knew we'd NEED this following Job and we'd need to be "centered"!
The purpose of the Psalms is to show people HOW to praise and worship.
Look up these verses for how Christians should use the Psalms: John 16:23 and Ephesians 5:18-20.
[Goldingay, John. Psalms, v.1. Grand Rapids MI: Baker Academic, c2006]

After listening to the Psalm [again], think about these things:
Delight. In the past, people could hear the Psalm and fit their life into it, with rejoicing. With our modern age, we want to interpret the Psalm until we understand it. We lose the delight and become lost in our brain instead.

Hebrew poetry is based on simile [things are like other things] and repetition [saying the same thing several ways.] In this Psalm, the poetry sketches a picture rather than prose, which would fully paint and possibly even frame the image. So, use the poetry to feel the tree as it soaks up the water of the stream, like we should soak up the vital nourishment of the Word of God.

The fruit of that tree will ripen to feed people. This creates a parable. The chaff blows away, useless. Picture it. Feel that bitter, empty wind. But the fruit of the tree will create seeds, creating more fruit trees to soak up the Living Water. And so on. Read Matthew 7:15

Finally, on Wednesday evening prayer time, listen to <>

For those who are Bible journaling with me, I chose a Ficus sycamorus from Wikipedia to paint. This is the Sycamore fig that was and is, an important food crop in the Near East. [Remember, your journaling is between you and God. Do not concern yourself with great art, simply use the art to "camp out" in God's Word.]

A wonderful YouTube artist to follow:…

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