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Psalm 4: as seen by CKB

King David sends this song to the Levites to use in worship, to be accompanied by lyres.

David prays to God to help him govern well;
for God to be merciful and faithful,
and to make a spacious place for him.

“Give me some space, God, from
the pressures of kingship!” he prays.

The people in the kingdom blame David for local catastrophes.
David tells them, “Sure this happened on my watch, but it’s not my fault.  You people should pray about this!  Be careful that your sin hasn’t brought this upon us all!”

David goes on to pray, “Make your Face shine upon us, O LORD.  This makes us happier even that having enough to eat and drink!  Please send me restful sleep and protect me.”

Psalm 4: Who shows us good?

  1. Interpretation

Goldingay and other scholars believe that Psalm 3 and 4 can be paired as a morning and then evening duo.  [Goldingay, John. Psalms, v.1. Grand Rapids MI: Baker Academic, c2006]

  1. The content is baffling.  The key phrase come in v. 8, reinforcing the idea from Psalm 3 that in God comes peace, as only He is in control.

  2. The 5th century church father, Chrysostomos, [anglicized as Chrysostom, meaning  "golden-mouthed"] noted that the Psalm relays that God listens as I speak to Him, not I speak and then He listens.

  3. Consensus among scholars [if any!] is that the Psalmist prays for people to change their ways.

    1. Those actively listening to the poet

    2. Those known to the poet as sinners

    3. And any that “the shoe fits.”

    4. In my opinion, this boils down to everyone!

  1. Theology

  1. The psalmist is convicted that God will provide safety and well-being.

  2. The Psalm is more of a declaration of trust than a request for help. [Goldingay p.124]

For those who are Bible Journaling with me, I chose a simple floral pattern.  For a video on how this is done, watch:
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