carolbuckles (carolbuckles) wrote,

Psalm 26 Of David

“Test me, O LORD, and try me,
Examine my heart and my mind;
For Your love is forever before me
And I walk continually
In Your truth.  V. 2-3

  • “My heart and mind” is literally “my hearts and kidneys” referring to the innermost and hidden character and movtives.

  • “Clean hands and a pure heart” refers to Jewish ritual cleansing. V.6 [p.1060]

  • “My feet stand on level ground” [v.12] reminds me of the hymn “On Christ, the solid rock I stand / All other ground in sinking sand.”  [Edward Mote and Willliam B. Bradbury]  It also reminds me that people have been demanding a ‘level playing field’ for at least 3000 years.

Barker, Kenneth L., et al, eds. Zondervan NIV Study Bible.  Grand Rapids MI: Zondervan, c2002.
Tags: psalms, witness

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