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New Newport News News: Kitten edition

Meet our new kitten Daniel Day Lion, aka Dandylion, aka Floof Boopsnoot.

He is a flame-point Persian, aka a Himalayan, aka a ragdoll, and is 9 weeks old.  He weighs 30 ounces.  From the size of him, he looks like a 5 pounder, but it’s all hair.

Ever since our beloved Cashmere [aka Kasimer, aka Cashmere Fe-lion Buckles] died, we have wanted a lapcat.  We have a very fine, independent old cuss named Tangerine, aka Tanger, aka What-did-you-kill-now.  He is mostly an outdoor cat who does like to be-with, but on a lap only when he is cold.  Not when I am cold.  And we really wanted Tanger to have a hand in raising a kitten, as he knows his way around in the world.  So we did the unthinkable and bought a purebred Persian for nearly $1000.  And, yes, he is getting the snip.  He will be a stud muffin, but never a stud.

We amortize his value daily, so soon he will be only $100 a day!

We had expected to isolate the kitten for a couple of weeks, to be careful, but he soon indicated that he is fearless, knows how to use a cat flap, uses his box perfectly and can steal food from Tangerine.  So, his various accoutrements are now in place around the house.  We also bought him a cat tower, which he promptly conquered, including scratching the sisal-wrapped post. 

Zoe even agreed to clean up her room [I helped] so Dandy can go in there with her.

Tanger finds him annoying and is a little intimidated.  Dandy can nudge him away from his food dish.  Tanger has thyroid problems and is really skinny, so he needs to eat.  Dandy is not ready for a lot of wet food and had a tummy upset.  Followed by a quick bath in the sink.  He’s still a little stinky.

He plays hard and then sleeps hard.  On a lap, or next to one.  Purchase justified!

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