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The strange history of the Mer-fairy of Lucas Creek


It is not well known that certain creeks are home to mer-fairies.  Resembling tiny mermaids, they are extremely shy and live under the banks.  Upon occasion, they might be seen basking in the sunshine on the verge.  Once I saw one under some shrubbery next to the creek, but that’s a story for another day.  How about Monday?


According to Derwood’s Origin of Species, the mer-fairy developed from the land fairies, about a half hour ago, when a careless and foolish fairy went for a ride on a Canada Goose and fell in the creek headfirst.


Upon hitting the water, she saw the finny creatures of the deep, such as Bigmouth frogs and Catfish and cast-off cans that once held Campbell’s soup.  Suddenly, her feet sprouted fins and her lap disappeared, growing into a fishtail.  “Now, what am I to do with my new shoes?!” she exclaimed, causing her mouth to fill with water and 1,694 amoeba.


Nothing daunted, she flipped her fins, flapped her fans, flopped her fons, flepped her fens and flupped her funs.  This caused a Catfish to approach.  And who better to teach one to swim than a Catfish, I ask you.  Well, who?


Since then, the species of mer-fairy has spread around the world three times.  They eat fiddler crabs and drink their afternoon tea from the caps of acorns that fall into the creek.  Sometimes the acorns fall right on their little heads and they have a little headache for the rest of the afternoon.  They make their clothes from duckweed, although sometimes they go finny dipping if they think no one is looking.


It is to cats that they turn when they must travel from the creek.  The mer-fairy simulates the sound of a kibble and the nearest cat comes running.  Leaping from the creek onto the cat’s back, the pair charge off to do whatever chores and errands the mer-fairy must accomplish.  Cats never eat mer-fairies.  Never.


There are mer-fairies in my section of Lucas Creek.  Listen to the evidence.  Recently, we had some men over to take out a tree in the canebrake.  The tree was going to fall; we wanted it to fall upon command.  The men sawed and sawed and finally the tree fell, right where the mer-fairies were hiding under some brush.  But, when the tree was finally cut up and removed, there were NO mer-fairy corpses.  This proves that they had dived into the creek before the tree fell.  Therefore, they are still in the creek to this very day! 



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