carolbuckles (carolbuckles) wrote,

The Alphabet Puzzle

 My mother remembers this from her childhood.  Anyone out there heard it before, in any form?

The Alphabet Puzzle

A is for ‘orses

B’s for hives

C for yourself

D for dumb

E for Adam

F for vescent

G for police

H is for retirement

I for nigh

J’s for the playground

K’s for solving

L is for sinners

M is for attention

N for mation

O fer the top

P’s for declaring

Q for pool

R is for pirates

S is for burdens

T is for scones

U for me

V for 100 degrees

W for 2 rams

X for breakfast

Y not

Z physique


as remembered by

Shirley Whitney Kerr

and messed with by

Carol Kerr Buckles





Tags: writings by others

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