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New Newport News News: Cruise 2-- Day at Sea edition

     As mentioned in the last report, there were storms on the Med, and the Captain changed course to sail between Majorca and Minorca, the Balearic islands, rather than the usual, more southerly course. We found out that the weather had worsened overnight and we were unable to reach port at Tunis safely. I was quite disappointed, but it was a good lesson for me about travel by sea, even in such a huge vessel.
The Captain’s plan was a good one, in that we would head into Malta for a much longer stay than the scheduled 4 hours at the end of the cruise. We all had the option of changing the day of our onshore excursions, or making other plans.
     We had breakfast in the huge buffet—which became out habit. Ron had bought us limitless Coke cups, so I drank early and often, as is my wont. After a breakfast in which I indulged in bread and butter, served with bread and butter, with a side of bread and butter, we resolved to forego bread and butter at dinner. [BTW, there is no better butter that Danish butter].
     I dressed in swimsuit and went to the hot tub, while Ron went off to buy a jacket as a swim cover-up. When he arrived, we swam in the salt water pool. Silly me, I thought the salt would kill germs, but the pool was so heavily chlorinated that I am now a champagne blonde. I do wish it had bleached out my freckles. In addition to swimming, I talked a long while with a British lady about the tides of history. It’s rare that anyone wishes to discuss the lo-o-o-ong view with me, let alone stand still for me to tell them about it. ;-] But she knew her stuff.
     While I was washing off the chlorine in our shower, Ron snoozed with his iPod in the Solarium, by the pool.
     Ron bought some minutes for the internet and we roamed the ship trying to make it work. We had bought a 3 pound netbook [computer] for the trip, but when we couldn’t connect with that, we tried all the public computers onboard. At some point, Ron was able to connect with ours and he happily sat in the ship’s library, working his email.
I went to sit on the balcony in our cabin. I was developing a cold, but as I was still on antibiotics for my sinus infection, I hoped it would stay a simple cold and not invite in another infection. But I was careful to rest a lot.
     It’s funny—at some time during this day, we had lunch and dinner, but I didn’t write it down, as I usually do; let alone take photos, which we often do. Who knows how we filled up the rest of the day—wandering around the ship, drinking Coke, shopping—I guess just ‘cruising.’ It’s pretty boring for the most part, unless you want to spend lots of extra $$$$$.
     We did make one monumental discovery—the lounge act, which rose through the open center of the ship loud enough to make your ears bleed on the 13th storey, were outstandingly awful. The female sang in the Japanese pop style, which involves a lot of vibrato and whining. The male was softer and better, but she often sang harmony with him, which blasted him into oblivion.

1. Does Carol like bread and butter?
2. Does Carol enjoy a relaxing day at sea, indulging in mixed drinks, gambling and spa treatments?
3. Does Carol like Japanese style lounge acts?
4. Do Carol’s friends enjoy her history soliloquies?
5. If 2 trains are approaching the station at 100 miles an hour from opposite directions, and the switchman is asleep at the switch, is Carol a foamer?

[12-13-09] for photos, visit
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