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New Newport News News: Cruise to Malta edition

 As previously reported, our cruise captain decided to skip Tunis due to inclement weather and take us straight to Malta, with about 8 hours there, plus a 4 hour stop at the scheduled time. People were invited to switch their booked tours, or make more reservations, but we decided to walk. We studied our guidebook—thank goodness we brought these along, as there was nothing useful in the ship’s library.
We attended “Amanda’s Guide to Malta” and got a tiny bit of useful info sandwiched between blatant plugs for certain businesses. It was so obvious that money was changing hands that we really didn’t want to go shopping at any of the places highlighted. Amanda also told us that certain jewelry shops—high end ones—were the only place you could get Maltese Cross jewelry. Bah.
We did get excited about the painting of “The Beheading of St. John” by Caravaggio, although dear Amanda told us that it sometimes went traveling on exhibition. How could she not have checked this before we docked??
We then attended a Foxtrot class, where we (a) learned that a Mr. Fox had invented the dance and (2) we remembered how to dance it quite well, although our knees—like the old gray mare-- are not what they used to be. We watched a goodly part of the meringué class, which involves alternately sticking your hips out, side to side.
We went for a stroll on deck 13, past the health club, overlooking the bow of the ship, where the helipad is. My heart will go on.
I realized that I had forgot to bring my tiny evening purse, so we went to shop and were delighted to find evening bags for $10, just cheap enough to justify. I found one that goes nicely with my very first ever evening dress.
We dressed for dinner and I put on enough make-up that I looked like a clown [to myself]. We had our formal photo taken, in front of a drop of the grand stairway of the Titanic!! What were they thinking??!! We didn’t realize at the time that there was a wide range of backdrop choices, including the ship’s own glass staircase, but we couldn’t stand to pose anymore, so we went on to dinner. We did snap some photos of ourselves as we waited for dinner; we were willing to pose in a large round window. [link to photos below]
We ate snails and duck and sugar free coconut cake. They had a sugar free or low fat dessert choice each night, which we appreciated.
After dinner, we discovered that the Big Band show was not until 9 pm, so we went to the casino, as it was smoke-free night. Ron threw away…uh, played Craps, taking advantage of no other players to hone his skills by asking the croupier many questions about odds on side bets. Bond, Ron Bond.
Then we went to the show.
It was frantic and much too loud. We chose to sit 2nd balcony, but clearly the director had never sat there to review the show. No excuse for that. The band was exceptionally good, but the singer-dancers were either on speed or were told to act like it. I think I had a drink…did I have a drink?... I know Ron did.

N4 25- Cruise 3
[12-13-09] for photos, visit
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